Brewer – 1

William BREWER was born about 1770, location unknown.

William BREWER married Patience GISBY location and date unknown.

Known children for William and Patience;


Thomas Gisby Brewer born 1798 Rayleigh, Essex, died 1878 St Pancras, London.

Thomas Gisby Brewer married Elizabeth WHITHAM location and date unknown.

Known children for Thomas and Elizabeth;

Thomas William Brewer born about 1828 Rayleigh, Essex, died 1881 St Pancras, London.
Charles Henry Brewer born 1829 Haldleigh, Essex, died 1897 Rayleigh, Essex.
Charlotte Patience Brewer born about 1831 probably Rayleigh., Essex.
William George Brewer born about 1833 Rayleigh, Essex, died 1902 Rayleigh, Essex.
Eliza Maria Brewer born about1839 probably Rayleigh, Essex.

Charles Henry BREWER married Mary Ann BROWN 1850 in Rochford, Essex.

Known children for Charles and Mary;

Charles James Brewer born 1850 in Rayleigh, Essex, died 1909 Shoreditch, London.
George Poulton Brewer born 1853 Rayleigh, Essex, died 18 Aug 1830 Forest Gate, London.
Elizabeth Brewer born 1856 Rayleigh, Essex.
Thomas William Brewer born 1858 Rayleigh, Essex, died 1913 Lambeth, London.
Caroline Brewer born 1861 Rayleigh, Essex.

Thomas William BREWER married Mercy (Martha) MITCHELL 1881 in Lambeth, London.

Known children for William and Mercy;

Kate Elizabeth Brewer born 1883 Norwood, London.
Charles Thomas William Brewer born 1885 Norwood, London, died 1953 Leyton, London.
Frederick George Brewer born 29 Apl 1887 Norwood, London, died 25 Oct 1919 Banstead, Surrey.

Charles William Thomas BREWER married Susan Sophia ALDERSON 04 Mar 1906 in Kilburn, London.

Known children for Charles and Susan;

Charles William Brewer born 1905 Marylebone, London.
Kate Elizabeth Brewer born 1907 Norwood, London.
Louisa May Brewer born 09 Feb 1909 Norwood, London, died 04 Aug  1984, Walthamstow, London.
Ivy Emily Brewer born 1910 Norwood, London.
Doris Georgina Brewer born 24 Jan 1913 Norwood, London, died 2007 Leyton, London.
Edith May Brewer born 19 Dec 1914 Norwood, London, died 2007 
Grace Murphy Brewer  born 1917 Bow, London, died 1951 Suffolk.
Leonard Francis Brewer  born 12 Feb 1922 Hackney, London, died 2010 Chingford, London.

Louisa May BREWER married James William Leonard GILBEY 1935 Lambeth, London.

Names of living children witheld.

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