Pawsey – 1

James Pawsey born about 1695 location unknown.

James PAWSEY married Sarah about 1718.

Known children for James and Sarah;

John born 28 Apr 1720 Rede, Suffolk.

John PAWSEY married Ann MASON 1747 in Bockley, Suffolk.

Known Children for John and Ann;

Robert Pawsey born 15 Oct 1752 Depden, Suffolk.

Robert PAWSEY married Mary RUTTER 04 Feb 1773 Depden, Suffolk.

Known children for Robert and Mary;

Mary Pawsey born 1773 Depden, Suffolk.
Robert Pawsey born 1775 Depden, Suffolk.
Sarah Pawsey born 1777 Depden, Suffolk.
John Pawsey born 1778 Depden, Suffolk.
Ann Pawsey born 1780 Depden, Suffolk.
William Pawsey born 07 Apr 1782 Depden, Suffolk.
Susanna Pawsey born 1787 Depden, Suffolk.
Louisa Pawsey born 1792 Depden, Suffolk.

William PAWSEY maried Sarah PAYNE 11 Oct 1804 Brockley, Suffolk.

Known children for William and Sarah;

Harriet Pawsey born1810 Brockley, Suffolk.
James Pawsey born 1813 Brockley, Suffolk.
Samuel Pawsey born 1815 Brockley, Suffolk, died 1893 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Henry Pawsey born 1818 Brockley, Suffolk.
Alfred Pawsey born 1821 Brockley, Suffolk, died 1909 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
George Pawsey born 1826 Brockley, Suffolk, died 1848 Brockley, Suffolk.

Alfred PAWSEY married Eliza CLARKE 1843 Brockley, Suffolk.

Known children for Alfred and Eliza;

Susan Pawsey born 1841 Brockley, Suffolk.
William Pawsey born 1846 Brockley, Suffolk, died 1881.
Jane Pawsey born 1850 Brockley, Suffolk.
John Pawsey born 1852 Brockley, Suffolk.
James Pawsey orn 03 May 1855 Brockley, Suffolk, died 1916 Camberwell, London.
Mary Ann Pawsey born 1861 Brockley, Suffolk, died 1947.
Henry Pawsey born 1963 Brockley, Suffolk.

James Pawsey married Martha Cooper 23 Apr 1877 Dulwich, London.

James’s occupation was a farrier.

Known children for James and Martha;

John James born 1877 Camberwell, London.
Marion Rose Pawsey born 03 Nov 1881 Peckham, London, died 29 Jul 1973 Lambeth, London.
William Charles Pawsey born 1884 Camberwell, London.
James Robert Pawsey born 1889 Camberwell, London.
Lilian Ethel Pawsey born 1891 Camberwell, London.
Alfred Henry Pawsey born 1893 Camberwell, London, died 21 Sep 1955 Camberwell, London.

Marion Rose PAWSEY married James GILBEY 05 Aug 1906 in Camberwell, London

Known children for James and Marion;

James William Leonard Gilbey born 16 Nov 1907 Camberwell, London, died 08 Jul 1990 Dulwich, London.
Walter Horace Gilbey born 07 Nov 1912 Lambeth, London, died 1984 Brixham, Devon.

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