The Gilby – Gilbey Family tree

Descendant tree of Edward Gilby and Elizabeth Clements of Finchingfield, Essex

This tree will contain all descendants of Edward Gilby and Elizabeth Clements first recorded  in 1732 at their marriage in Finchingfield, Essex which I have researched for 20 years. This will include my own personal tree.

I am aware that over the years, my original tree has now been copied and re-copied many times. My tree on this site however is the result of original research and will be my method of leaving the results of my research for posterity.

Most of us have a longing to know who our ancestors were and where we originated from. For those who either cannot afford to subscribe to commercial genealogical websites or, simply do not have the flair for research,  this tree seeks to help those whom may be linked to the above family.

All information in this tree will be freely available to those researchers who may seek it. What I will never knowingly show is living people or private information. As it is not possible to upload a Gedcom file to this site, the tree, (which is substantial), it will take sometime to build and cross-link by hand. If you do not find the ancestor you are seeking, please bookmark this site and try again later as this tree will be constantly updated.

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  1. Chris Collier Says:

    Hi Mick

    Dont know whether you can help me. My Nan was May Gilby-Alston and her Grandmother was Elizabeth Gilby-Glenister. Back in the 1970s my Nan was left a property in Stansted, Suffolk by a Great Aunt—-Maiden surname of Eggleton Swan, formally Gilby. I have a fair amount of letters and photographs of ?? Gilby family members from the early 1900s. I actually dont know were to start with it all!!! Any help would be apreciated.
    Many Thanks
    Christine Collier

    • Tina Gylby Says:

      Hi Mick, I’m a Gylby I can’t find my family tree. My dad doesn’t know his family history due to the fact he was brought up in a children’s home.

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Hello Tina,

        I think I may have made some progress with your family. If I am correct, It would appear your father had five siblings all born in Birmingham between 1933 and 1945. I do have a common surname for the mother but as yet I am unable to trace a marriage to establish the fathers name. It is still possible even if there was no marriage or there was a marriage outside the UK, one of the birth certificates of these five siblings may have the fathers name on it.

        I will be sending you a private email as it is possibly some of the names may still be living and I would not wish to put there names on a public board.


      • Tina Says:

        Hi mick, I’ve tried to look for more family, I’m not shaw on the Gylby, as you say they can miss spell our name. I keep looking at your family tree, I love it. My dad is 70 yrs old and I’m not that bright in using these search engines. I would love to meet any cousin or auntys or uncles. My dad was so pleased with the information you gave us. He went to the children’s home they gave him some information. In his records was a letter from his mother, she only visited him 3 times. He asked me to try and find out if I could about his dad, he was in the army. That’s all the information given. Please can you give me advis.
        Thank you Tina

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Hello again Tina,
        From the information I supplied in my earlier private email to you, it can be determined that your great grandfather was born Alan Gylby in 1859 in the registration district of Farringdon, Berkshire. He married a Rachel Emma Warton, (your great grandmother) in Nantwich Cheshire in 1892. Your great grandmother was born in Congleton, Cheshire in about 1870. His death is recorded in Aston, (Birmingham), in 1906. I have managed to trace three children from this marriage,
        Rachel Maria Gylby, 1894
        Maud Mary Gylby 1896
        Allen Arthur William Gylby 1902 (Your grandfather)
        Following Allen Gylby’s death in 1906, his widow Rachel married a Joseph Spencer in Aston in 1908 and they can be found living together in the 1911 census with Rachel’s three children. Any likely cousins your father may have had will come from the marriages of Rachel Maria Gylby and Maud Mary Gylby. You will appreciate that their surnames will have changed on marriage so any cousins will be under the married names of these two females.

        All children were born in Aston Warwickshire.

        Allen Arthur Gylby married Catherine Simms in Birmingham in 1933. I have already given you the names of children from this marriage in the private email I sent to you.
        Allen Arthur Gylby appears to have died in 2000 in Plymouth.

        I can find no military records for your grandfather but I suspect the dreaded misspelling bug may have something to do with that.



      • Tina Gylby Says:

        Thank you again Mick, your a very kind man.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Christine.

      I am not quite certain what help you require as you already seem to have a reasonably good knowledge of your family. Unfortunately the Gilby-Alston and Gilby-Glennister branches of the family are not in my tree so I have no direct knowledge of them. If as I suspect you are trying to link who is related to whom and how they are related that can be quite a long task. Normally it is a methodical process of tracing your family back as far as possible and then bit by bit piecing together the jigsaw the off-spring of sons and daughters.

      I have not been able to work out the relationship between Your grandmother and the great aunt. They do not appear to be sisters as the birth indexes show your grand mother being born in 1915 and a further thre sons between 1916-1922 with possibly another son in 1924.

      I did find a possible link between the Gilby/Alston/Glennister familes and the following link may be of interest to you.



    • Maryann White Says:

      hi Christine I find it interesting you mentioned Stansted as that is where a lot of them were I have already posted comments about family history what little I know but the Limes might sound familiar to you that is a property in Stansted where the frazers lived seemed quite a lot of them lived there used to go there to xmas parties as a child there is a gilbey connection there but what I put in my comments was about the fact my grandmother was a Gilbey Mary Gilbey and theylived on the main road that goes from Stansted to Elesenham in a house called Ravens which is apparently now a nursing home or somesuch after my auntie molly died in 1999 prior to that they lived in a house next door Gorsefield which was a children’s home my earliest memories are of Ravens my grandmother married a Charles Gpld they had several children my father being the youngest there was a cousin James Gilbey who lived at Ugley may be this would help? I hope so

  2. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Although they are not my section of the Gilby/Gilbey tree, it would appear that the original union of the Alston/Gilby-Glenister line was on 18 Nov 1875 at St Boltoph’s, (part of the City of London), between a Thomas Alston b1851 Stanstead, Suffolk and Helen Anne Gilbey-Glenister b1848 Tring, Hertforshire and who died 1941 Romford, Essex. There is a record for this on the RootsWeb One World Tree at Presumably your grandmother is descended from this line.

    Although you gave me no details about your grandmothers age or her parents, The Births, Marriages and Deaths Index (BMD) show a possible birth in 1915 of a May G Alston in Romford, Essex where the mothers maiden name is Jarvis. If this is your grandmother then the only marriage I can find between the Alston/Jarvis lines is a Tom Alston to an Ethel M Jarvis in Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1914.

    If you have not used it before you will find FreeBMD at very useful.

    A word of caution about possible confusion with Stanstead, Suffolk. There is also a Stansted in Essex sometimes spelt Stanstead and both have a Stanstead/Stansted Hall. Both are also locations where there where large groupings of the Gilby/Gilbey family. With the amount of information you already have with letters and photographs that contain locations and hopefully names, the links I gave you should help you well on your way of researching your family.

  3. Susan Says:

    Hi, Mick, I came across your page today, which will help me with my family tree.
    I am just about to get a 6 months prescription for seax ancestors which should help me with my Rumsey family tree.

    I noticed a date was wrong, only because I am capable of doing it occasionally .researching from the 16th century onwards Below is the date error –

    Marion Rose Pawsey born 03 Nov 1881 Peckham, London, died 29 Jul 1873 Lambeth, London.

    Kind Regards Susan

  4. Mick's Muses Says:

    Thank you for pointing out that typographical date error for Marion Rose Pawsey, (my grandmother), which I have now corrected. I frequently used the Essex computer system SEAX myself. I find the new scale of charges however a bit too much for me. Several years ago I bought a new microfiche reader which are not that expensive if you hunt around on the internet. I now find it more economical to buy a microfiche from the Essex Records Office and then have a given set of parish records to research at my leisure at no additional cost. I find that during my researches, I frequently find someone new who is already one a set of parish records I own.

    • Susan Says:

      Hi, Mick, Good idea I will buy a mIcrofiche reader the next time I need information. As I am only getting the 6 month subscription as a one off. I need to solve a few mysteries, so I need to look at quite a few registers and districts. What has been bugging me for a while is Sarah Fitch and William Hitchin I have a marriage for him, see below :
      England & Wales Marriages, 1538-1940 about William Hitching
      Name: William Hitching
      Gender: Male
      Spouse’s Name: Sarah French
      Marriage Date: 8 May 1797
      Marriage Place: Great Bardfield, Essex, England

      Although it is Sarah Fitch that he married. In November 1797. But there are also two Sarah Fitch’s One born in Finchingfield who has Nathaniel as her father, which most people have in their tree. But there is also a Sarah Fitch that came from Wethersfield born around the same time. Her father was Thomas Fitch which I found on Seax that he was the witness on Sarah’s marriage details with William Hitchin. Have you come across this in your research? Hope you may have some answers!

      Regards Susan

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Susan, I do not have information on the Sarah Fitch that you mention but I did check the parish register for the Susan Fitch who married William Hitchen in Finchingfield on 17 Nov 1797 to see if there was any additional information to act as eliminatory clues. The witnesses to this marriage were a Edward Fitch and Jos, Jis or Jas Martin.

        There may be another possible lead which may exist if your Sarah Fitch was under the age of 21 when she married. The permission of a parent or guardian of a minor, (under 21), was required for the marriage to proceed. This was done with a sworn allegation or bond and some of these still exist in the Essex Records Office archives. If such a sworn allegation exists, the name of the testee may prove a clue. I was once able to prove an ancestor belonged to a direct line to my family. Although the father was deceased at the time of the marriage and this individual was apparently never baptised making his parentage difficult to establish, the allegation was sworn by his mother and I could prove that she was the only person with that name living in a given village at the time the allegation was sworn.

      • Susan Says:

        Hi Mick, Thank you for your info. When I find the Sarah Fitch from Wethersfield again at Seax I will let you know if I can solve my mystery. There are usually two registers for the same years at Seax and the one I was looking at a few months ago (As I had a short subscription) was definately Thomas. So I will look for Edward and James Martin the names you have on another register. the Sarah’s were both over 21.



  5. Susan Says:

    Hi Mick, There are two baptisms for William Gilbey born 1818 His parents being Thomas and Alice
    The dates are Jan 9th and March 15th 1818 that appear in the 1813 to 1841 baptism registry for Finchingfield.
    Have you noticed this?


  6. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Susan,

    I did notice this double baptism some years ago and I did check the possibility of their being two William Gilbey’s with parents the same name. That possibility I eleminated and although I doubt if the reason for the double baptism will never be known I can find only two other possibilities.

    1. For some reason Thomas and Alice had doubts if their mind about the first baptism being carried out correctly. In those days with high infant mortality coupled with deep belief in the Devil getting ones soul unless correctly baptised, the vicar conducted a second baptism to reassure them.

    2. The were two other baptisms on the 15th March and one cannot help but wonder that after the services were over whether the vicar might have been relaxing with a glass of port or two as he completed the parish register and absently minded copied over William’s details which are on the same line on the bottom of the previous page. The hand writing does appear to be quite steady though.

    Whatever the reason, I am quite confident there were not two Williams with parents of the same name.

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you for that Mick. There are so many things in the registry’s that you are not quite sure of, and you will never really know the true answers unless you were there at the time.

      I just have this other query at the moment.

      CAROLINE GILBEY (daughter of Thomas Gilbey and Alice Hitchen) was born in 1820 in Finchingfield, Essex, England Baptism 11th June 1820. . She married JOHN CHAPMAN on 02 Feb 1831 in Finchingfield, Essex, England (Finchingfield Parish Register. I have seen the marriage for this and that Hezekia her brother was a witness but she is too young to be married. Hope you can solve this one!

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Hello again Susan,

        One of the biggest problems in genealogy is determining age prior to the introduction of registration of births in 1837. No records of the actual date of birth were kept, only church records showing the date of baptism which obviously took place after the date of birth. If a person was not baptised prior to 1837, then there is no record of when the person was born at all. I do have one person in the Gilbey tree who was baptised 13 years after they were born. It is only because the vicar made a comment in the register on his age and how long it had taken him to be baptised that it was possible to determine his age at all.

        There are several possibilities with Caroline;

        1. She may have been born before her parents married, (out of wedlock). This is not at all uncommon and there are people in my tree who were baptised on the same day their parents married. This was to avoid their child being dubbed with the title bastard. You may come across various expressions in church registers at a baptism like ‘base born’ or similar to actually use of the term bastard. A vicar in one of the Sampfords totalled up in the parish register at the end of the year on how many marriages, burials, baptisms and bastard baptisms he had conducted during the course of the year. After 1837 it was no longer possible due to registration to avoid hiding a birth out of wedlock. However some parents simply refused to register their childs birth until some years later when financial penaties were introduced.

        2. Up until 1929, as difficult as it is to believe now, the minimum legal age for marriage with parental consent was 12 for females and 14 for males. Even then the parents had to swear a legal allegation or bond that their child was of legal age and had their permission to marry. It is not unknown for people to not tell the truth as their was no real way the authorities could check or were even bothered to.

        Although I recorded Caroline’s birth as being 1820, she could have been born earlier and she could have just been over the minimum legal age of 12 at the time of her marriage.

  7. Susan Says:


    Thank you for your interesting answers.

    Yes as an example of what you were saying, I noticed that Maria Hitchen born about 1813 daughter of Sarah Fitch and William Hitchen married Josiah Stammers 26th April 1834 and that their son William was baptised on the same day.

    Regards Susan

  8. Claire Hutchinson Says:

    Hello x my maternal great grandfather was Herbert Samuel Gilby born in Northallerton. In this area of the tree one brother is missing along with marriage details for other siblings. I would be more than happy to help fill this out should you wish

  9. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Claire

    Many thanks for the information on Herbert Samuel Gilby. I was unaware of him as the 1911 census which I use on Ancestry is incomplete at the moment and there are still a few counties to be added. I was able using the information you provided to work out the family line from the descendants of Herbert Gilby to yourself. Although I will now add Herbert and his wife Martha A Hedley to the tree, I am relectant to add names of children, (your maternal grandmother etc), to a public tree where there is a possibility they are not deceased. I will however add the lineage information to the tree on my home computer to help complete this section of the family tree.



    • Claire Hutchinson Says:

      Grandads brother leonard and his wife Gladys ( both deceased) are missing from this area of the tree also uncle bens wife (according to my mum) Herbert (Sam as he was always known) and martha’s son is still living (my grandad) but mum was very upset uncle Len wasn’t there. Also mum is under the impression that uncle John willie was married twice?

  10. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello again Claire,

    Once again thanks you very much much for the additional information. I trust your mother will understand why everyone was not on that section of the tree. As you will probably understand, geneaology is always an ongoing research project, ( I started this tree over 20 years ago), and in the case of your immediate families lineage, it is the 1911 census that would reveal that information showing Herbert Samuel Gilby to be a son of 1870 Samuel Gilby and Annie Tyerman. Your information has enabled me to piece together this section of the family tree in advance of the 1911 census information.

    Within the constraints of avoiding living persons I will add the new information as soon as possible.

    My relationship calculator shows me we are 5th cousins, twice removed.



  11. Diana White, nee Woodley Says:

    Hello Mick

    i am a family member of the Gilby’s my 7th grand parents on Jane Emily Elenor Gilby,
    your dates are the same as mine so it’s good to see we have them correct, did you ever get the parents of Edward Gilby , wife is.Elizabeth Clements, i cannot find anything else so far, but i will keep in touch with your web site, many thanks for this web site, which has made it easier for me.

    Kind Regards
    Diana Woodley.

  12. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Diana,

    I have been seeking Edward’s birthplace and date for over 20 years now but without success. There are however a few clues. The first time the surname Gilby was mentioned in Finchingfield parish records was 1709 when a Mary Gilby was baptised, her parents being Edward(1) Gilby and unfortunately the records only gave his wifes name as ‘wife’.

    The same Edward(1) was mentioned again in 1712 with his wife Hester at the baptism of their daughter Sarah and again with his wife Esther in 1715 at the baptism of their daughter Jane. I have never been able to trace the marriage of an Edward Gilby to a Ester or Hesther.

    In 1732 our earliest known ancestor Edward(2) Gilby is shown in parish records as marrying Elizabeth Clements. Edward(2) was not born in Finchingfield but it does seem very probable that he is the son of Edward(1) and Esther. I originally gave Edward(2) and estimated birthyear of 1709 based on the first appearance of Edward(1) in Finchingfield. Since my original estimate all those years ago this date has been copied in many trees and is now almost taken as gospel truth but in the end it is just my estimate, not fact.

    It can be established that Edward(1) and Edward(2) are not the same person as Edward(2) is described as a bachelor in parish records at his marriage.

    Apart from searching for the marriage of an Edward Gilby to a Esther, I have also search for and Edward Gilby born to a father named Edward between 1680-1720, (a broad sweep just in case). There is just such a birth, (Edward Gilbee), in Kirtling, Cambridgeshire in 1702, the mothers name is Mary. However there is also in Kirtling in 1730 the marriage of an Edward Gilbey to a Sarah Symkin. This date would suggest this is the Edward Gilbee born in 1702 and probably rule out this Edward as being Edward(2). If Sarah Symkin had died and this Edward remarried he would have been described as a widower at his second marriage.

    Although the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) once extracted as many parish records as they could throughout England and published them online, in areas of Essex including Finchingfield, the local clergy refused them access due to religious reasons. If there are records for the birth of Edward(2) or the marriage of Edward(1), the difficulty is knowing where to look. It should also be borne in mind that Edward(1) was probably born soon after the English Civil War when families were split asunder. The Witchfinder General was also busy about this time period particular in this area of Essex and all this helps complicate research around this time period.

  13. kevin chalkley Says:

    Good Afternoon,

    My grandmother was a Gilbey and apart from her parents i know very little,due to her leaving the north east in the 30’s and never seeing her family again.
    Her name is Elizabeth Alice Gilbey and her parents were George Gilbey (supposidley born 1865 Whitechapel) and Alice Smiles.
    On one certificate George is listed as George Samuel Gilbey and both him and his father are listed as coal miners…and Whitechapel is lacking in mines.

    On the 1911 census there is a 13 year old listed even though George and Alice were only married 1907. There is no record of them on 1901 census

    Have you come across this George Gilbey on your travels?

    Also i see you have Chalkley surname listed and that is my surname,where does that fit in?



  14. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Kevin, I have been trying to find your George Gilbey and he certainly is proving elusive at the moment. You mentioned that his fathers name was on one certificate, (presumably his marriage certificate to Alice Smiles). Can you let me know the name of his father as this may assist in tracing him.

    Many thanks


  15. kevin chalkley Says:

    Hi Michael

    Unfortunately………….George Gilbey (Deceased)

  16. kevin chalkley Says:

    Hi Michael

    Both the children on the 1911 census have no record post then :-/

  17. Mick's Muses Says:

    It looks like I have drawn a blank for the moment on George Gilbey. The only thing that seems reasonably certain is George does not appear to be his real name. I have checked BMD’s, CoE London births and marriages and every census from 1961 to 1911 without success. George Gilbey certainly was not born in Whitechapel under his 1911 name and the fact there is no trace of him in any censi other than 1911 is something of a mystery. Even allowing that he may have been abroad with the military for some years there is still no trace of him. Henry Gilbey in the 1911 census could be either the child of Alice Smiles or George Gilbey as it was not uncommon for a step father to refer to his stepson as just son in census information. I have looked at all marriages in Durham of either Alice Smiles’s or marriages of an Alice to someone named Smiles and checked for a resultant son named Henry but without success. I cannot be certain yet that Smiles is Alice’s maiden name.

    The name Chalkley that you saw listed was for your family from Elizabeth Gilbey’s marriage. I build up small grouping of family trees of those who are likely to be part of my tree but where as yet I have insufficient information, just like assembling pieces of a jig-saw. Your branch of the tree is one such grouping emmanating from our mysterious George Gilbey. If I manage to located information that links one of these small branches into the tree, it is only necessary to add the missing link and the remaineder of that tree automatically falls into place. When I published my online list, a few names from these unlinked groupings may have slipped through.

    The only thing I can suggest is as my research is always ongoing, if further information comes to light on your branch of the tree I will let you know,



  18. kevin chalkley Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Other information that i know is that they had a son George born 1915 and die 1917 and Alice herself died 1916. George then remarried in 1918 Emily Henderson. George himself died 1933 aged 74…….which would mean born c1859. This would contradict other dates i have found



  19. Mick's Muses Says:


    Many thanks for the additional information. Although I have heard of imposters before, I have never knowingly encounter one in my tree. However unless other relevant information comes to light, it is possible the person calling themselves George Gibey may be just that.

    There was a George Charles Gilbey born 1865 in Whitechapel who I have in my tree and who was the son of a Charles Gilbey and Eliza Byford. However George Charles Gilbey is also clearly shown as having died as a child in Whitechapel in 1876 aged 11. This George Gilbey can be found in the 1971 census under the name Geo Charles Gilbey. Even in the unlikely event of this being some form of mistaken identity, it is highly improbable that this eleven year old boy could have disappeared from all records for the next forty years only to reappear on a marriage certificate in 1907. Also there is no record of the birth of George’s 1898 son Henry Gilbey and although it is possible he may be the son of Alice Smiles, at the moment I am unable to trace his birth to anyone of this name to Alice under her single or any possible married name if she was married before.

    In 1907 there would have been virtually no chance from someone marrying two people over the age of 21 to prove that they were giving their correct names. Such information was all taken as an act of faith to be true. Also at that time giving a birthplace like Whitechapel to a census ennumerator in Durham would have seemed like a foreign country. If George is an imposter, he would have needed to have knowledge of the death of George Charles Gilbey in 1876 and his birth in 1865. In a non-computer age, it is highly unlikely anyone would spend the time and resources of checking births against deaths to see if a person was really the person they claimed to be. If a birth certificate was ever required, a copy could be readily obtained just like today.

    I would not have thought the different estimated birth date on George Gilbey’s death certificate was too important. The person registering a death can only give information they believe to be true and very often estimates of things like age were made if they did not know the real answer. There is still no record of a George or Samuel Gilbey being in Whitechapel around this period other than the George Charles Gilbey I have already mentioned.

    If George Gilbey is an imposter one can only speculate why, probably without ever knowing the real truth. I am not definately saying that George is an imposter, but I am trying to give my thoughts on why this may be a possibility.



  20. J A Davison Says:

    My father’s World War I diaries mention that in training (for the RFC) he (and other South Africans) visited ‘Colonel Gilbey’ near Winchester. The quote is: ‘Colonel Gilbey a retired soldier living in a beautiful country house near Winchester was particularly nice to South Africans and Mrs Gilbey frequently invited us to tennis and tea.’ He survived the war, finally flying with 43 Squadron. For my records, I wonder whether you could identify and name this house in the Winchester area? Thank you. J.A. Davison South Africa

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Although not in my branch of the family tree, the history of Colonel Alfred Gilbey is well known. I have tried without success to identify a property near Winchester but he and his wife did live at the former Wooburn House, Wooburn, Buckinghamshire. This was demolished in 1963 and a private housing estate now exists on the site. Apparently your father’s description of the country house he visited could have applied to this property. It is however about 45 miles from Winchester and it could depend on your fathers interpretation of “near” if this is the same location.

      I did check various census information and found that Colonel Gilbey’s mother was born near Winchester and his father also married his mother there too. However his parents lived almost exclusively in London after their marriage. I did check on his mother’s father who would have owned property in Winchester but this would have been more modest that a country house.

      Colonel Gilbey was related to the Gilbey’s wine and spirits family so I suspect he was affluent enough to afford a country house property. He also died in London.

      • J A Davison Says:

        Many thanks for your response — I had found a Wooburn House reference somewhere (not in the diaries) but was not sure that the Gilbey concerned was of the right age to be the host for these (learner) airmen. I would like to footnote this anyway, which I hope is OK. (Of course I would like to publish the diaries somehow, somewhere, but at present am in continuous research mode). My father’s concept of a country house need not have been on a grand one (he came from farming stock and a house in South Africa on a farm is a country house in S African style … i.e. a bit of shambles — i know, as we live on one now). Also, perhaps 45 miles is no great distance for us. Thanks for all your useful ‘cues’.
        best wishes

    • Maryann White Says:

      Mr Davison it is interesting about Colonel Gilbey as my grandmother’s father was an Alfred Gilbey and his brother was Sir Walter gilbey who was knighted by Edward 7th and there were a lot of Gilbeys around the Essex area Stansted and elsenham my father used to talk a lot about “great uncle Wally” but never much mentioned the others could it be the same one/ I have posted a few comments on this site but have found out things since there was a monseignieur Glbey who was the chaplain at Cambridge in charge of the catholics there then eventually went to Nazareth house in west London he died a few years ago his name was Alfred as well maybe this will help?Its interesting finding out these things

      • J A davison Says:

        Thank you Maryann — that is most interesting. I will try to include this information in the printout of my father’s WW1 Diaries. (I would like to publish it somehow … but not sure how & when! — sometime soon would be the right time!). t’s a big project though. All the best
        Jaclyn A Davison

    • Malcolm Crockford Says:

      I think the property you are referring to is Twyford Lodge at Twyford, near Winchester where Colonel Gilbey lived from about 1912 to about 1920. I know this because I am doing some research on behalf of my friend whose grandfather worked as coachman for the Gilbeys at Wooburn and subsequently for the Colonel at Twyford. I consulted the archives in Winchester last week, acccessing the electoral rolls in 1918 and 1925, and relating to other data from the time. I hope to research more to find the precise dates. If I can answer more questions, do let me know (leave a message here if the system does not automatically send. Regards, Malcolm

      • Pete & Spana [J A Davison] Says:

        2nd attempt at reply! Thank you Malcolm – this is most useful, and fills in some of the details left ‘blank’ by my father’s diaries. Should the Diaries ever get into print, will acknowledge your help! All the best JADavison

      • Karin Fancett Says:

        Lieut-Col Alfred Gilbey of Twford Lodge, Winchester, is listed as a subscriber to Elwes and Henry “The trees of Great Britain and Ireland”, which was published between 1906 and 1913. I don’t know whether the address listed would apply to when he subsribed or when the final volume (vol. 7, 1913) which includes the list of subscribers was published.

      • Karin Fancett Says:

        Sorry, should of course be Twyford not Twford!

  21. Stephen Higginson Says:

    I am writing for my rather frail mother who is 86 years old. Her maiden name is
    Mary Ann Philomena McEwen Duncan Gilbey
    She was born in Glasgow. Her father was one of the last street gas lamp lighters (until Glasgow streets were electrified) Her grandmother only remembered as gran live in Rothsay on the Isle of Bute .Is there any record of her or her family

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Stephen.
      Scottish records are notoriously difficult to research mainly because birth, marriages and death records have been kept in-house by the Scottish registrar, prossibly as a money making exercise. It is for this reason I am unable to look up your mothers birth and establish her fathers name, (your grandfather).

      However I do have access to transcripts of the 1901 census for Scotland which shows only 16 people with the surname Gilbey living in Scotland. None are living on the Isle of Bute but the census shows there is only one Gilbey family living in Glasgow at the time. Fortunately I do know about this family as they are direct descendants of my earliest know ancestors from Finchingfield, Essex, England.

      Due to the limitations on records I mentioned earlier with the exception of Scottish census transcripts it is not possible to determine from records if any of these people in Glasgow are your mothers ancestors.

      Provided you know their names, It would help if you could advise me of the names of your mothers parents.

      The male names of the family living in Glasgow who could possibly be your mothers father due to their ages are; Joseph 1, (possibly wrongly transcpited to James in the 1901 census), George, Joseph 2, (the son of Joseph 1), and John. I must stress there is no guarantee any of these are linked to your family.

      I am aware of a Gilbey family currently living on the Isle of Bute through relatively recent newspaper articles but according to Scottish census information, they were not living there prior to 1901.

      • Stephen Higginson Says:

        Thank you for the time you have taken in researching my query. I will pass this to my mother. Maybe this will trigger more infomation. If so I will keep you posted


      • Lisa Gilbey Says:

        Hi Mick,

        Do you have any more information on the John Gilbey from Glasgow you mention? I believe that may be my grandfather. The only information I have is that he married Violet, was a train chef and had 6 (I think) chlidren.

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Hello Lisa,

        The John Gilby in my tree was born c1908 in Glasgow and was the son of a Joseph Gilbey born c1880 in Glasgow.
        1908 John Gilby was one of seven children and he married a Mary McDermott c1908 Glasgow in 1928. Mary McDermott passed away in 2002.

        This couple had three children that I am aware of two who may still be living so I will not mention them on a public board. His first son was a John Francis Gilby born c1932 Glasgow and who I believe died in 2000. Unfortunately I have no marriage information on John Francis and no occupation information on either John Francis or his father.

        I trust this information helps you a little.

    • Mick's Muses Says:


      Since my intial reply I have come across the link below for a Joseph Ramsey Gilby in the One World Tree. The description that he was a street lamp lighter in Glasgow is the same as your original information and it does give details of a wife, (Elizabeth Duncan) and also details of residence and death in 1974.

      There is a death recorded for a Joseph Ramsey Gilbey in Stoke on Trent in 1974 giving a estimated birth year of 1899. Although there are what appears to be some detailed information, other essential information is missing. For instance there is a birth date of 03 October but without any year which I find strange. It appears research of this person somewhat limited and at the moment and it would be safer to treat this information as a possible clue, rather than accurate detail.

      I did search for this Joseph Gilby on Bute in the 1901 census and could find no trace of any Gilby/Gilbey family living there at that time.*v59t1143&id=I201&ti=5538

  22. Mary Godward Says:

    Hello Mick
    I was looking at the details you have on Thorogoods on your site, my mother is a Thoroughgood (the name was spelt in many different ways…) and, doing my research, landed on your Gilby page. I am descended form Peter Thurgood, a brother of Charles Thurgood/Thorogood (married to Lydia Gilby). In the 1841 census both families appear living together at Ringers Cottage, Shalford. A Ringers Cottage still stands on Hull´s Lane, very close to Hunts Farm, may be the same one? A third family, that of Aaron Thorogood, also lived at Ringers Cottage at the time but I don’t know if he was Charles and Peter’s brother. I notice you also have a Clement Thorogood marrying another Gilby sister. By any chance, do you know who his parents were? I have not been able to fit him in.

    Many thnaks

    Mary Godward

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Mary.

      I have three members of the Thorogood family that married into my tree. Unfortunately I have no parents for Clement Thorogood and that is likely to be a parish register search to establish his parents and siblings. The same goes for Charles Thorogood who married Lydia Gilby. Although there is a good chance they are related, as you are probably aware genealogical research often throws up surprises.

      The third connection is a Maria Thorogood 1876 Wethersfield, Essex who married a William Gilby in 1896 In Rochford, Essex. Her parents were a Julius Ceasar Thorogood, (what a good unpretencious name), and Sarah Ann Heard. I managed to trace her Great grandthar who was a George Thorogood b1781 Shalford which again would appear to be another possible connection back to your Shalford Thororogoods.

      I do not have any information on Aaron Thorogood at all.

      Although my information on the Thorogood family is limited, I hope there is something in the above to help your in your research.



      • Mary Godward Says:

        It’s wonderful to have somebody with a name like Julius Caesar Thorogood – easy to trace as there were not that many! There are several I have not been able to link to my branch: Ezekiel Thorogood, Moses Thorogood, Aaron Th. Shalford does clearly seem to be the village where they had lived for many generations, there are some census returns that have practically whole pages of Thorogoods. So I would probably have to go back many generations to understand how they were all related. By the way, George is a very Thorogood name. In my direct family it can be traced back four generations. My father’s family, Godward, were from Southend-on-Sea, very near Rochford. I’m wondering when the Thorogoods and Godwards will cross ways…

        Many thanks for your help – if I do find out anything linked to the Gilbeys, I’ll let you know.


  23. Vic Says:

    Hi Mick,

    I came across your page with some interest even though I have no Gilbey clan in my tree 🙂 .. though I see that you have a number of the Chapmans who are part of your family. There lies my interest as I have a number of Chapman in your neck of the woods. My 4xgrandfather James b. was a groundskeep from Farnham. Hi son my 3xgrandfater, Samuel, (b.1814) married a Martha from Great Bardfield. Mid 19th century they ended up in Colchester
    It is important to note that they were non conformists.
    I was looking at some original records on Ancestry and found the following: Ellen Chapman born April 26, 1835 in Birchanger, Essex, the daughter of William Chapman, gardener and Eliza Gilbey. Second birth was Edwin Charles Chapman born in Farnham July 28, 1836 same family.
    I trolled through your site but unfortunately did not get a hit 😦
    My goal here is to try and connect William to James my ancestor.

    If any of this rings a bell it would be great to hear from you. Otherwise its back to heads down.



    • Mary- Ann White Says:

      Birchanger rings a bell as my mothers family lived there, first a bit further up the Stansted road in a place called “Blythwood” then they moved to a house on the corner, which is now “Sion Park” It is on the corner of the main road that goes to Bishops Stortford. It used to be “Sion house” it stood on a hill, you couldn’t really miss it. If you might know this , I would love to hear from you. Their name was Gillon, ,there was a small farm at the back, and a pony running wild, Heather. (you couldn’t catch her. My mum’s sister was married to a New Zealander, Peter Tonkin, the family moved from Blythwood,to there so that he could farm.It is sad to see these old places from my youth gone, but at least they kept the name “Sion” which is Irish, they were partly Irish, my mother married my father who is related to the Gilbeys on his mothers side. His father was Charles Gold, there are so many of the Gilbeys, but a lot of them settled around Essex, there was a great uncle my father used to refer to as “great uncle Wally” (for Walter, he lived in Elsenham hall, the man lived like a nabob! He was quitew flamboyant, There were nurseries in Elsenham “Gold Brothers” which were sold in 1959. I was 7. There is a plaque in Elsenham ,dedicated to Sir Walter. My father didnt like talking about them much, it was an auntie who filled me in, more, what she knew.She was an auntie by marriage, to my father’s older brother, .They lived in London. Seeing the name Birchanger brought back a lot of memories. Kind regards Mary-Ann

  24. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Vic,

    I did look up the William Chapman and Eliza Gilbey you found and noticed the were under the Stanstead MountFintchet area.

    There is a large group of the Gilby/Gilbey family who are all connected to each other in the Bishops Stortford and Stanstead area who though clearly are part of my greater tree, I have never been able to connect to my tree. I think it’s likely the Eliza Gilbey you found is part of this group. All indications are these two groups of my family probably link in the south Suffolk area about 1600. Unfortunately no documentation has yet been found to show the connection. This sometimes causes me problems in areas like Saffron Walden when different members of the same group are living amongst each other.

    I suspect you probably have similar problems with the Chapman family. I know the family is very big and are to be found in almost any parish register. Unfortunately I have no idea how the family is inter-connected.

  25. John Michael Gilby Says:

    Hi Mick,

    I saw your blog when trying to find my family name origin and I have been enlightened! I found the Norse link very interesting also, thank you very much.

    I was wondering if, in your researching, you had come across a Cornelius Gilby? I don’t know much of my ancestor other than he was known as “Con” and was working in the Military Police inside London during WWII. His Grandsons were Michael John Gilby and Colin David Gilby (my grandfather).

    I only really know as far back as my grandfather and would like to see if I could present a family tree of my own. Any light shed on this would be greatly appreciated.


    John Michael Gilby

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello John, Many thanks for your enquiry.
      I am not aware that Cornelius Gilbey is part of my tree but I will try to work backwards from the information you gave to see if I can find more information on him. I will have to come back to you on that.

      I have found a Cornelius Charles Gilbey who married a Jessie Webb in the Wandsworth area in 1925. I have also found a probate record for the same person following his death in 1960 and there seems to be some dispute as to whether his surname is Gilby or Gilbey. I have no idea at the moment f this is your ancestor,



    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello again John,

      Your Cornelius Charles Gilby is certainly proving elusive. Fortunately I have found some traces of him from the 1911 census and from his fathers army records.

      Cornelius’s father was a Charles Gilby born c 1876 in the Kennington area according to the 1881 census. A army pension record for Charles shows the a Lydia Jackson was Cornelius’s mother and that Cornelius was born 04 May 1903 in Battersea. I can however find no trace of this birth in the birth index.

      The army record also shows that Cornelius has four siblings.

      John William born 13 Nov 1906 Wandsworth;
      Edward Henry 20 Jan 1909 Rotherhithe;
      Walter Albert 03 Oct 1910 Rotherhithe;
      Lydia Gertrude 1913 Battersea

      A military records website that I do not have access to also shows a record but I can glean limited information from the index which shows the Surrey Recruitment Register for 1908 -1933 which shows in 1924 a Cornelius Charles Gilby aged 21 years and 5 months enlisting in the Royal Engineers.

      The father of Charles Gilby, (Cornelius’s grandfather), is shown to be a Charles P Gilbey in the 1881 census and his mother is named as Charlotte. Don’t worry too much about the spelling of the surname as that happens a lot in census returns. This census entry corresponds with a London Church of England marriage record for the 14 Sep 1873 at St Mary Lambeth between a Charles Pawley Gilby and a Charlotte Leigh. Unfortunately at that times the names of the fathers were not shown in the marriage records.
      Cornelius Gilby is also shown in the 1911 census with his parents and siblings as living at 1 Field’s Alley, High St, Wandsworth . Please note the surname has been mistranscribed as Gilley in the census making them difficult to find.

      The birth index show three children born with the surname Gilby and a mothers maiden name of Webb.

      Marjorie J Gilby 1926 Wandsworth area.
      John C Gilby 1927 Wandsworth area
      Elizabeth M Gilby 1929 Farnham area

      Your grandfather Colin D Gilby is shown as being born 1930 in the Wandsworth area with his mother’s maiden name being Bolton.

      The marriage index shows the marriage in 1926 in the Wandsworth area of a John W Gilby to a Amy Bolton.

      John W Gilby is presumably John William Gilby born 1906 who I mentioned earlier. This would not make Cornelius Gilby your Great g grandfather but a Great g uncle. You Great G grandfather would be Cornelius’s father, Charles Gilby

      The marriage index shows Cornelius C Gilby married a Jessie L Webb in the Wandsworth area in 1925.
      The death index show an entry for Cornelius C Gilbey in 1960 for the Battersea area and this corresponds with a probate record showing a Cornelius Gilbey or Gilbey 5 Lessness Road, Morden, Surrey of 5 Lessness Road, Morden, Surrey who died on 22 April 1960 at St James Hospital, Balham. His effects of £912 15s 3d were left to his widow Jessie Louise Gilbey (Webb).

      I trust the above information is enough to get you launched on your research.



      • john gilby Says:

        Hi Mick,

        The information you have provided is brilliant thank you 😀

        There are a few parts that are a bit sketchy to me as I know very little of my relatives, but all of your findings will help me massively. I will approach my grandfather with your findings and see if it jogs some memories, I may have heard him wrong about Cornelius, so I do apologise for making matters a little confusing.
        The Colin D Gilby born 1930 you found is my grandfather so Charles Pawley Gilby would be the best trace for me to start from.
        Could I ask how he falls in line with your family tree, please?



      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Hello again John,

        I managed to trace your family line back a little further to see if I could find a connection to mine.

        Starting with John Pawley Gilby, I found a 1852 christening entry for him at the Clapham Congregational Church. His parent names are given as John and Louisa.

        I did find a marriage entry for Wandsworth in 1848 between a John Gilby and a Louisa Rose. I could find no other relevant marriages and I am reasonably confident these two are John Pawley Gilby’s parents.

        Armed with that information is was possible to trace this John Gilby and Louisa in the 1851 census which was the first census after their marriage. John Gilbey is listed as being born about 1822 in Nassington, Nottinghamshire. He is listed as being a police officer. Louisa is listed as being born about 1817 in Clapham and she is a Laundress.

        Also listed at the same address is a Elizabeth Rose who is given as John’s daughter-in-law born 1842 Clapham. This tends to indicate Louisa Rose may have been previously married. If this is so it also raises the question of whether her surname is really Rose or if it is, she may have been an unmarried mother. The home address appears to be either No.2 Polygon or 2 Polygon Road. The handwriting is a little difficult to decipher.

        Going back to Cornelius Gilbey/Gilby. As I can find no registered birth for him it raises the possibility he was either born abroad or more likely, possibly adopted.

        As 1822 John Gilby came from Nottinghamshire, I know I cannot link him directly to my family line. My brick wall beyond which I have so far been unable to penetrate is in Finchingfield, Essex in the early 1700’s The generation prior to that was the one that came out of the English Civil War which split families asunder and at the moment, surviving parish records are on the whole neither indexed or readily available online.

        It is clear though all the Gilby/Gilbey lines will merge at some point, it just the documentary evidence to establish those links is hard to come by.



  26. Claire Hutchinson Says:

    Hi Mick

    May I point out a small discrepancy?? You have noted Herbert Samuel Gilby (not Gilbey) and Martha Ann Hedley had a son Bernard who you state died in 1997. As I was speaking to him yesterday I can assure you he is alive and well living in Northallerton North Yorks!


    Bernard’s grand daughter!

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Claire,

      Many thanks for that information. I have update the incorrect information and clearly I must have mixed your grandfather with another Bernard.



      • Claire Hutchinson Says:

        That’s fine mick! He found it very amusing. I think there is also another sibling of Herbert Samuel missing from the tree but will need to check up and let you know. I’m sure there was a female sibling who died as a child. The headstone is in Brompton church yard but I will pass on the full details when I’m sure



  27. john gilby Says:

    Hi Mick,

    All this information is great thanks, you have really helped out 😀 could I trouble you for any more information on John Pawley Gilby please? I can’t thank you enough for all the research you have made for me I really appreciate it.

    many thanks


    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello John,

      The following information is in no particular order but just as I found it.

      1901 Census.
      Charles Pawley Gilbey and his wife Charlotte Rebecca are shown as living at what looks like 1 Courtland Grove, Clapham. Living with them are two children, c1885 William Ernest and c1887 Gertrude.
      Also living with them is a lodger is a Minnie Wooderson and her son Sidney.

      20 July 1902 Marriage between William Ernest Gilbey and Alice Amy Jones at St Mary’s, Princes Road, Lambeth. The fathers are shown as Charles Pawley Gilbey, (Warehouseman), and Thomas Jones (Potter). 120 Princes Road is given as William’s home address.

      1852 Charles Pawley Gilby is shown in the national birth index for Wandsworth. Interesting enough, the birth is shown of another Charles Pawley Gilby for 1876 St Saviour, Southwark.

      21 Sep 1873 The marriage of Charles Pawley Gilby to Charlotte Leigh is shown at St Mary’s, Lambeth.

      4 June 1852 The baptism of Charles Pawley Gilby is shown at Clapham Congregational Church. His parents are show as John and Louisa Gilby.

      1881 census Charles P Gilbey, (Railway Porter), and his wife Charlotte are shown as living at 3 Aiford Terrace, Union Grove, Clapham. Living with them are their children Charles, Elizabeth, Charlotte and John.

      1891 census Charles Gilbey and his wife Charlotte are shown as living at 3 Alford Terrace, Clapham. This is possibly the same address as the 1881 census. Living with them are their children Charles, Elizabeth, Charlotte, John, William Gertrude and Flora.

      1934 The national death index for Wandsworth shows the death of a Charles P Gilbey.

      That John is all the information I can readily find.



  28. john gilby Says:

    Thank you very much Mick, all the information you have provided will be very useful. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.



  29. russell croker Says:

    I like known if there any more information on this gilbey family tree

  30. Vicky Gilbey Says:

    Hello! My father in law is George Robert Gilbey, born in 1917 in Stepney London and married Pauline Childs. They had 7 children – 6 boys and 1 girl. Do you happen to have any information on this famiy? I read through your information but didn’t see anything on them. Thanks so much!

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Vikki. I have located your father in law. His parents were Edward William Gilbey and Catherine Burling.

      Edward was born c1880 in Stepney. I have found no marriage record for him or Catherine Burling but there are birth/census records showing they had eleven children, two of whom died before 1911 and their names unknown.

      I have Edward William Gilbey in my Descendent Chart but not his wife or any of his descendants

      The parents of Edward are John Gilby b1849 Whitechapel and Elizabeth Jenkins b1853 St Georges in the East. These are also is my descendent chart at

      I trust this helps your research.

  31. DM Taylor Says:

    My father, Stanley Richard Frederick Gilbie is turning 96 this year (born Woolwich, March 13, 1920). He and his brother (Eric CH Gilbie, b1921) were placed into Mr Fegans home for boys in about 1928 by their father (b Frederick Henry England in 1878, Islington), following the disappearance of their mother Winifred King (b1896 Plumstead), so their family history – is a mystery! It is his dearest wish to discover what happened to his mother, following her departure. Can you help me please? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. DawnT

  32. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello Dawn,

    I have been tracking down your fathers family history via piecing together a number of family trees I came across and can well understand the difficulty you have experienced tracing your grandparents.

    It does appear that Frederick Henry England was born 09 Jul 1878 in Islington, London, his parents being 1839 Phineas England and 1839 Georgina Gilbee. The family of Phineas England can be traced back by various ancestors all named Phineas to Phineas England, b 02 Aug 1795, Combe St Nicholas, Somerset. Georgina Gilbee was born 02 Dec 1839, Gravesend, Milton, Kent her parents being c1796 George Gilbee St Lukes, London and Mary Wale c1801 Manningtree, Essex. Her parents were a Robert and Sarah (no other information availiable).

    Frederick Henry England originally married a Annie Laura Bedford 03 Aug 1902 at St John the Evangelist, Kensal Green, London.

    Things do become a little murky and unclear later a there is also a border crossing record which appears to show this couple crossed from Canada to the US in 1906.The 1910 USA census shows this couple living in Cook, Illinois. and the next census US in 1920 shows Annie England still living in Cook, Illinois but as a widow. It is thought she died in Cook, Illinois in 1941 and may have remarried. The only conclusions I can draw from this information is that the US couple who were both born in England by coincidence have the same name, or something happened in the USA causing this couple to part.

    UK Medal Rolls show Frederick Henry England serves in the Army Service Corps as a corporal during WW1 and was awarded the Victory and British medals. His service number was M/324521.

    Marriage records then show Frederick Henry England was married using his mother’s maiden name Gilbie to Winifred King in 1920 in Bradford, Yorkshire.

    Then followed the birth of your father and his brother which you know about.

    The 1928 London Electoral Register show both Frederick Gilbie and Winifred living together at 64 Westfield Road, Ealing.
    A further London Electoral Register in 1930 shows Frederick Gilbie living at 9 Glenfield Terrace. Also living at this address is a Ivy Eunice Lansdowne. Although this couple never married, family trees indicate he was the father to three of this ladies children.

    The electoral registers tend to indicate something happened to Winifred King between 1928-1930. Although I cannot be certain, the death indexes do show the death of a Winifred King in 1929 in the Lambeth registration area of London aged 32 which coincides with Winifred Kings birth about 1896. The reason I cannot be certain if this is the same Winifred King is a females death is normally recorded under her married name, not her maiden name. However, given that Frederick Henry England appeared to have used his mothers maiden name at his marriage to Winifred King, it could be anything is possible.

    Frederick Henry Gilbie died in Ealing, London in 1941. A probate record shows the probate of Fredeick Henry England or Gilbie being grated to Ivy Eunice Lansdowne his widow.
    I also came across two photographs of Frederick Henry England (Gilbie) which I will forward to you separately by email.

    • DM Taylor Says:

      Thank you Mick, for your speedy reply. Much of the info fits with my own research. I know I’m very fortunate in that my Dad (Stanley) wrote a detailed account of his early life and had it bound for the family.
      This document paints Winifred Gilbie (née King) as a “scarlet woman” & according to Dad, Frederick G left the marital home after discovering his wife was spending more and more time with the bookies, at the pub and with other men. In 1928 the brothers (Stanley and Eric) were sent by their mother, Winifred on a tram to find their father – they never saw her again, so a quest to solve the mystery of her life journey and fate began!
      Your website is a treasure trove and it’s obvious that many of us appreciate the time, effort and information freely given, thank you very much and thanks too for the photos.

  33. Rosemary Evans Says:

    Hi Mick
    I believe my relative, Elizabeth Gilbey married Charles John Glover on 18 December 1860 in St Marys Church, Marylebone. The 1851 census (when she was 8) suggests her parents were William Gilbey (age 35) and her mother was Maria (age 20). Elizabeth and her father were from Stanstead in Essex and her mother was from Dunmow in Essex. William was a Sawyer.
    The 1841 census shows William and Maria living in Stanstead Mountfitchet, Essex.
    I wondered if you may know any more about William and Maria.
    Thank you so much.

    • Vicky Gilbey Says:

      I’m so sorry but I do not know anything about William and Maria. If you find anything more, please let me know. Thank you and good luck!

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Rosemary, many thanks for your enquiry

      I know of the marriage you refer to but I do not have further details on this family. The Gilbey/Gilby family appears to have developed into three main branches probably through natural migration. Going back over time, the biggest branch of the family appears to have grown in Suffolk and from that a further two large family groupings developed, one in north east Essex and the other via Cambridgeshire to Stanstead/Bishops Stortford. No records have yet been found to link all these branches together but my best guess would be about the early 1600’s. This was also a period of turmoil with the Civil War.

      Although I have research my own branch, from NE Essex, I have not researched the Cambridge/Stanstead branch. However I do know this particular branch has been well researched so it will only be a matter of time before you come across a relevant tree.

      The area around Saffron Walden/Newport in Essex can cause a little confusion as over time due to natural migration, both of the two latter branches of the family impinged on each other.

  34. Jonathan Gilbey Says:

    I’ve been doing my family tree which traces the Gilbey family (as far as can do it as an amateur) from East Yorkshire (Hull) back to Sligoe in Ireland. I can go back as far as 1821 but then the trail dries up. I’ve also struggled to do my uncles and aunts since I never actually met any of that side of my family.

    I’ve got my tree on Ancestry if anyone cares to look it up. If I could work out how to post a picture here I’d be happy to share what I’ve found so far.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Johnathan, many thanks for your message. Irish records can be something of a headache to research. I have seen several public trees on Ancestry for 1821 John Gilbey but none of them have details as to his parentage.

      I think there are two possibilities with John’s birth. 1. That he was born illegitimate and that his surname is his mother’s maiden name or, 2. that John Gilbey’s parents are both English and he was born while either both parents or the mother was in Ireland for some reason.

      As his date of birth is prior to census information, if you have not yet done so, I would try to find when he first came to England. The earliest census of 1841 means John would have been about 20 if indeed he was in England a that time. There is one possible entry in the 1841 census that show a John O’Gilby born c1826 Ireland in a institution in Orsett, Essex. It should be remembered that the 1841 census did a rounding up exercise on ages by up to 5 years. I would not put too much reliance on this record though as although Orsett is near the shipping port of Tilbury, most travellers from Ireland tend to use the western English ports like Liverpool when travelling to and from Ireland.

      I feel it unlikely that either of his parents were Catholic if John’s birth was legitimate or his mother was probably not a Catholic if the birth was illegitimate. I do not know what baptismal records are like for Ireland but if they can be located they are another possible source of information.

      The Ancestry trees shows his first know child, (another John Gilbey), was born in Hull in 1953 and the mother was a Catherine Barratt. I have been unable to locate a marriage for this couple although Catherine Barratt is show as being born in Hull c1828.

      I am not that au-fait with the early Yorkshire Gilbey’s, but a question that would be raised in my mind is why did John Gilbey travel to the Hull area from Ireland rather than elsewhere? Could it have been he went there with his parents or were there Gilbey’s living in that area prior to 1821? If there were then that would be the most likely area to look for John Gilbey’s parents if you have not already done so..

      Sorry I have not been of much factual assistance, but I hope I have been able to give a few pointers.

      • Jonathan Gilbey Says:

        Hi Mick

        Thanks for your response – I also found the records a bit hit and miss – some list him as John Gilbey, some as John Gilby and some as John Gilvey. Certainly the one I’m related to settled in Hull in 1871 and was married to Catherine Barratt.
        Not sure if this helps at all?
        Thanks again

  35. Says:

    Can you tell me if in your Ancestry tree you have any of the Freeman family who are connected to the Gilby’s other than what you show on site. If you do would it be possible for you to invite me since i dont have a full account.
    ( Guest ) my user name QTRWE

  36. Stephen Says:

    Please be advised:
    1. Edward GILBY (1772-1841), son of Edward GILBY (1745- ) and Mary WOOLARD (1744-1787).
    Sp. Maria STAINES (1775-1860).
    2. Sarah GILBY (1796- ).
    Sp. James FREEMAN (1792-1871).

  37. Jonathan Gilbey Says:

    I’d like to put an image of my interpretation of the Gilbey family tree as far as I can trace it – is there any way to put an image on here please?

  38. Stephen Says:

    Board sorry should read Tree

  39. Stephen Says:

    1. Maria HITCHING (1833- ), dau. of Ephraim HITCHING (1800-1854) and Mary GILBY (1804-1863).
    Marr James ALLEN September 1849, Halstead, Essex, England.
    2 GR Marriage District September 1849, Halstead 12 177.
    Marr Thomas FREEMAN December 1875, Braintree, Essex, England.
    2 GR Marriage District December 1875, Braintree 4a 735.
    Sp. James ALLEN (1829-1868), son of Joshua ALLEN (1802-1879) and Ann HALLS (1802- ).
    Sp. Thomas FREEMAN (1835-1900), son of John FREEMAN (1811-1895) and Maria ALLEN (1813-1893).
    Marr Emma WASH 18 November 1854, Finchingfield, Essex, England.
    2 GR Marriage District December 1854, Braintree 4a 600.

  40. Leanne Gilbey Says:


    We are a family of Gilbey’s within Warwickshire. My Grandad, Lesley Edward Gilbey was originally born in Watford I believe, and moved to Bedworth in Warwickshire as a child, where there is now a large number of us residing in and around the Coventry area. I am unsure of whether this links with anyone else’s connections.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Leanne,

      Yes I do have your grandfather in my family tree and your line goes back to my earliest traceable ancestor, Edward Gilby 1709 in Finchingfield , Essex. The reason he does not appear in my descendent chart is I never publically name people born after the last published census in 1911 for privacy reasons as presumably they could still be living.

      Your grandfathers parents, your great grand parents were Alec Leslie Gilbey born 06 Aug 1914 born in the Nuneaton and Bedworth registration district. His wife. your great grandmother was Elsie Clough , (no other details). As far as I am aware, they had two other children, Raymond Stanley b1940 and Peter John b1946.

      Your great grandfather Alec Leslie Gilbey was one of five known children and his parents, you GGrandparents were Arthur Gilbey b1876 Croxley Green, Hertfordshire and Annie Parker b1876, Dudley, Staffordshire..

      Arthur Gilbey’s parents, your GGGrandparents were Charles Gilbey b1844 Old Sampford, (Great Sampford), Essex His wife was Catherine Eliza Basten b1844 Sarrat, Hertfordshire.

      This last couple you will find in my descendent chart and you can trace your earlier tree from there.

      What this last two couples show is that Charles Gilbey moved from NW rural Essex to Hertfordshire where he married and established your branch of the Gilbey tree which subsequently spread out from there.

      I trust the above information is of use to you and sets you on the right track for the rest of your tree.



  41. Stephen Says:

    Can you shed some light on this information you have entered….

    1. v. STEPHEN GILBY (son of Samuel Gilby and Harriet Arnold) was born in 1849 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. He died on 25 Nov 1900 in Hornchurch, Essex, England. He married (1) HARRIET STROUD, daughter of James Stroud and Sarah (Stroud). She was born in 1847 in Ramsgate, Kent, England. She died on 11 Jul 1889 in Shoeburyness, Essex, England. He married (2) MARIA TRUSS on 04 Sep 1890 in Rochford, Essex, England. She was born about 1834 in Bradwell, Essex, England. She died about 1898 in Rochford, Essex, England.

    Is the information correct – details of marriages. dates etc….?
    The data does not seem to add up.
    In the 1881 census ( 3rd Apr ) Stephen was showing his wife to be Maria. age 44 from Arkesden, Essex, England
    There is a ref to a marriage in 1890 but this is to Maria Gratton.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Stephen, Many thanks for spotting that. It was clearly an error that crept into my tree some time ago when I printed the Descendent Chart.. I think that was when Ancestry hints were first introduced and I did not realise if I clicked onto a hint I could possibly automatically add it to my tree even if it was wrong.

      In my main tree I certainly have no marriage at all between Stephen Gilbey and a Maria Truss and I have now deleted that erroneous line from my Descendent Chart.

  42. Stephen Says:

    Hello – When did he marry harriet?

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      I have no recorded marriage for Stephen Gilbey and Harriet Stroud. There are however two possibilities. 1. It was a common law marriage in which case there will be no record.

      2. If you look at the birth of this couples first child Charles George Gilbey you will see it was in 1877 in Jerez De La Frontera, Spain indicating they resided there for a time. It is possible the marriage took place in Spain although I have not yet been able to locate such a record.

  43. Stephen Says:

    Good morning –

    Thomas Gilbey and Alice Hitchen had the following children:
    1. ii. CAROLINE GILBEY (daughter of Thomas Gilbey and Alice Hitchen) was born in 1820 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. She married (1) JOHN CHAPMAN on 02 Feb 1831 in Finchingfield, Essex, England (Finchingfield Parish Register). He was born about 1820 in Essex, England.

    First marr means that she was 11 in 1831 also sec marr surname unchanged

    • Stephen Says:

      MARTHA GILBEY (daughter of Thomas Gilbey and Alice Hitchen) was born in 1828 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. She married EDWARD TURNER. He was born in 1828 in Finchingfield, Essex, England

      We seem to have a problem hear – Edward married Ann Gilby 1849

  44. Stephen Says:

    Can you confirm that this is the child of these parents –
    “John James Wiffen and Jane Ann Pearson had the following children:
    1. MARY E6 WIFFEN (daughter of John James Wiffen and Jane Ann Pearson) was born about 1887 in Auckland, Durham, England.”

    The parents married in 1889
    Regards Stephen

  45. Eileen Marjorie Edginton Says:

    My maiden name is Eileen Gilbey my parents were George and Ethel Gilbey my dads parents were George Porter Gilbey and Agnes Gilbey who were from Finchingfield in Essex I went there and there ate several Gilbeys buried in the church graveyard I don’t know how to go about doing a family tree.

    • Lynneþe Martin Says:

      Hi my great grandparents are porter gilbey and agnes gilbey .my grandad was jack gilbey your brother if im correct . My mum was christine gilbey her brothers alan and robeert are now all deceased
      Just wanted to reach out when i read your post i know no one from the gilbey family
      Yours lynnette

  46. Stephen Says:

    Eileen Marjorie Edginton – can you contact me i will see what i can do for you.

  47. Jon Gilbey Says:

    There are a few genealogy websites now, most of them have a family tree feature, you don’t always have to pay to sign up but doing so gives you access to a few more features that might help build your tree. I did about 80% of my tree before I paid anything. On the tree they’re good enough to give you hints, and then you have to build on that.

  48. Mark Brewer Says:

    Hi Mick.
    Hoping you can assist me.
    Our trees interlink, until Charles Brewer (b.1829)
    You have him as Charles Henry Brewer where as I have him as Charles James Brewer.
    My middle name of James comes from his son’s marriage certificate(George Poulton Brewer) although he did not sign certificate as a witness and therefore I appreciate the middle name entered by George may be incorrect.
    I also have the marriage certificate for Charles’ marriage to Mary Brown.
    This shows Charles’ father as another Charles Brewer although on your tree you have Charles’ father as Thomas Gisby Brewer.
    Have I gone wrong somewhere?
    Any help gratefully received.


    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Mark, Thank you so much for drawing that error to my attention.

      Yes you are absolutely correct, all references to Charles Henry Brewer including his fathers name should read Charles James Brewer. I checked my main database which I maintain on Ancestry and found he was correctly names as Charles James Brewer there. I can only assume that somewhere along the line a long time ago I inadvertently entered the incorrect name originally. It would have been from that incorrect list I generated my Ancestral Chart. Clearly I detected the mistake at a later date an corrected it but obviously forgot to correct the Ancestral Chart at the same time.

      I have now amended the Ancestral chart to read correctly.

  49. Catherine Says:

    Hi, Mick – Do you have any information about a William Robinson Gilby (he married Harriet Gilby in Clifton, Bristol, in Aug. 1820 and became vicar of St. Mary’s in Beverly, Yorkshire, in 1823) and his son, William, who was baptized in 1824? I know that the father died in 1848 in Beverly, but I can’t find any other information for the son (except that he graduated from Cambridge in 1848). Thanks in advance.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Catherine. I do not have William Robinson Gilbey as part of my branch of the Gilby tree although I am certain all branches will link up if one is able to trace all the branches back far enough.

      I have however been able to gain some information from records on Ancestry, some which you may possibly already be aware of. It appears William Robinson Gilbey was born 19 Aug 1787 at Winterton, Lincoln. his parents being John Gilby and Mary. Although no dates or locations are given, there are records to show that William Robinson Gilbey and his wife Harriet had at least two children a John and William.

      Following his death in 1848, The Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills passed probate on the will of The Reverend William Robinson Gilby on 31 Jul 1848. There is a copy of his will available on Ancestry but almost impossible to read. Although written neatly, it is in tightly packed and crammed together dense lettering. I am attempting to send a copy of this will to you by email.

      There is also an Alumni record of his death at Trinity Cambridge University.

      Various Poll Books and Electoral Registers show he was a land owner at Heighington, Lincolnshire with tenants and I get the impression this might have possibly been farmland. Other Poll Books and Electoral Registers also show a Robinson William Gilby as being a land owner at Etton, Yorkshire and Harby, Nottinghamshire.I am unaware if this is the same person or possibly his son having adopted the middle name of Robinson.

      1924 William Gilbey can be seen living with his parents William and Harriet in the 1941 census in Beverly. He can be found again in the 1951 census living on his own with two servants in Beverly and he is described as a landowner.

      I am unable to tell if it is the same person, but the death of a William Gilbey born c1824 is registered for the Oct quarter 1891 at York.

      I trust this information is of some use to you.

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Catherine, I did try sending you a copy of William Robinson Gilby’s will, but unfortunately the email was bounced back as undeliverable due to safety setting on your email system.

      • Catherine Says:

        Mick – This is great information! Thank you so much for your assistance and for the time that you spent on this. I am sorry to hear that the copy of the will did not make it through. I think I’ve fixed the problem, so if you wouldn’t mind sending it again, that would be wonderful. If you don’t want to bother, though, I will completely understand.

        Best wishes,

  50. Ray Gilbey Says:

    I have just come across your site it is very interesting
    I recently had a DNA report and it confirms some of the comments
    1 it showed a Norse connection although small
    2 It showed a central european connection
    3 most surprising was a 30+% connection to Munster in Ireland
    I come from the Regents Park area in Londonclose to the roundhouse which was once the
    distillery where Gilbey’s gin was made long before it moved to Canada.
    I do not have any family that I can get any information from as it is on myself and my sister that I am aware of
    My father was a Mr William Frederick Gilbey believed DOB 1914 who married a Rosa Ellen White on Christmas eve date unknown
    I would appreciate any information you may have

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Ray, many thanks for your message. I did have a quick look for your father’s information last night. Unfortunately I was unable to locate a birth for a William Frederick Gilbey around the time period you suggested and it will take a bit of time to dig deeper on that one. What I have found out is that your parents had three children. Apart from yourself there was also a Patricia E 1934 and a Terence W 1936, both who were born in the same registration district as yourself.

      With the DNA research, there is likely to be a certain amount of variation within different family units as the mothers DNA will clearly be mixed in as well.

      I will let you know how I get o trying to research your family origins, but it could be locating records your father birth which is essential might prove a bit of a brick wall.

  51. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello again Ray. I have now had a closer look for the birth of a William Frederick Gilbey and the only possible match I can find is a William F Gilbey born 1912 in the Islington registration district. This does necessarily mean this is your father as the were a number of other William Gilbey’s with no middle name born in a two year period either side of 1914. It was at times the practice for some people who had no middle name to adopt one in later life.

    If however I stick with the 1912 William F Gilbey, although there are no census records available after 1911, this particular William mother does have records showing her as constantly being in and out of various workhouses, Lambeth and Islington, with her children and a record is kept every time they were admitted and discharged. Although this particular William’s father does not appear to have entered the workhouse himself as far as I can tell, William F Gilbey does appear on a 1912 register for the Islington Workhouse with his mother, Gertrude M, and a list of other children. One of these children is a Benjamin P Gilbey which the record shows as being 12 years old meaning he was born about 1900.

    This is significant as there is a Church of England baptismal record for St Philip, Lambeth on 03 Aug 1900 which shows the christening of a Benjamin Percival Gilbey, where the parents names are Edward Sidney Gilbey and Gertrude May. Their address is shown as Lambeth Workhouse.

    There is a marriage recorded for a Edward Sidney Gilbey and a Gertrude May Franklin in 1899 in the St Pancras registration district.

    I should add that none of this at the moment proves that Edward Sidney may have been your grandfather, as I cannot establish at the moment if the 1912 William F Gilbey is your father. However there is one way of establishing your grandfathers first name which will be on your parents marriage certificate.

    If you already have a copy of this can you please advise me of the name of your grandfather. If you do not have a copy, one can be obtained either from the Pancras Registry Office or ordered online from the General Records Office. I believe the current cost is £9.25

    The full reference that will be required if you decide to obtain this marriage certificate is;


    Even if your grandfathers name proves not to be Edward Sidney, knowing what is name actually is could assist in the research of your family.

    I trust this information has been of some use to you.

  52. Lynnette martin Says:

    Hi I’m looking into my family history my mum was born Christine ann gilbey her dad was jack gilbey born in Essex in 1905 his father was portker gilbey born in finchingfield Essex I think somewhere along the line we are related any help would be grately received

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Lynnette, many thanks for your enquiry. Yes I do have full details on your family which I keep on my main site on Ancestry. I do not have details of your father on my descendent tree on this site as your father was born 1905. At the time I created that particular page, due to the possibility of you father still being living, I did not upload details of people who may have been alive following the 1911 census for privacy reasons although I am now aware he passed away in 1972 in Portsmouth.. Your mother would have been my 5th cousin, once removed.

      Your grandparents were Porter George Gilbey b1873 Finchingfield, died 1911 Romford Registration District and Agnes Jane Kemp B1875 Headingley, Essex.

      Porter was the son of 11 known children or George Gilbey b1836 Finchingfield and Eliza Straight b1839 Wethersfield, Essex. I do have details of George Gilbey, Eliza Straight and Porter George Gilbey on my descendent chart on this site. The link to that chart can be found at the top of this page on the left had column.

      If you have access to you will be able to view my, (and your) full tree by clicking on the link below.
      In my full tree on Ancestry I also have your mother Gwendoline May Sims b1905 Woolwich. You will find the family traces back to 1709 in Finchingfield. All circumstances tend to indicate the family are probably linked to another large branch of the Gilbey/Gilbey family inn southern Suffolk prior to that, but I have not yet located documentary evidence as yet to prove it.

      I do hope this helps you in your research.

  53. Lynnette martin Says:


  54. Lynnette martin Says:

    Hi there thank you so much for your reply unfortunately my mum Christine Ann gilbey died in 1999 and my grandad jack gilbey died when my mum was pregnant with me my brother vaguely remembers jack . My mum had 2 brothers Alan and John Robert unfortunately we have had no contact with them since my mums funeral unsure of if they are still alive as they were a lot older than my mum . I have done a family tree on genes reunited no doubt using some off your details others have collected but now we are trying to find my grandfathers war records for my brother that’s how I came across this site .
    We know grandad jack had a hard war and I’m looking into getting his war records from the national archives .
    I’m hoping to do my brother a scrap book off everything I find for his 50th birthday so hopefully if ok with you will use some off your work
    If there is any particular points you think are interesting or useful that would be a great help
    Also I’m thinking off traveling up to finchingfield is there any places off interest you think I should go
    Thanks once again for your reply
    Lynnette martin

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello again Lynnette. I think you find Finchingfield a pretty village. I took a weekend trip there and at both Little and Great Samford as well as Saffron Walden, areas where many of the Gilbey family lived.once and spent time looking at headstones. I got a lot of information from them although I only saw the one headstone in Finchingfield. A local historian I met during my trip explained the area did not have natural stone resources. This meant that stone had to be imported into the area which was expensive and beyond the pocket of many.

      I did a further search for any more information on Jack Gilbey and found him on the 1939 war time register living at 60 Londesborough Road, Portsmouth with his wife Gwendoline May. His occupation was given as a Assistant Club Steward and his wife is listed as unpaid domestic duties which is the term they used for housewife at the time. Presumably he would have been called up not long after this register was taken. Their son Alan may well have been with them but the following line is blanked out with a “File Officially Closed” notice covering the line.

      I do also have a copy of the tree on Genes Reunited but I have not updated the tree there for some years.


      Mick Gilbey

  55. Melissa Britten Says:

    Hi Mick – I was delighted to stumble on your site and to find my branch of the Gilbey family on here, so we are officially related down Edward’s line. My great grandfather was PORTER GILBEY:

    PORTER GILBY (son of George Gilby and Eliza Straight) was born in 1872 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. He died in 1911 in Essex, England. He married AGNES KEMP in 1892 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. She was born in 1875 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. She died in 1965 in Waltham Forest, London, England.

    I remember meeting my great grandmother, Agnes, as a child and I remember her dying in 1965. She was fearsome – I have a photo to prove it! My maternal grandmother (Edith Bertha) was her first child, born in 1894.

    I hadn’t managed to go any further back without paying for information so thank you so much for getting back to the early 18th century. I do know that mostly the men in the 1800s and early 1900s were agricultural labourers and the women were domestic servants so not much info to be had there. The only other source, I suppose, would be military records. My branch of the family did indeed migrate south, making it to the south coast in East Sussex (although there are still a fair few in Essex). I think this was due to them coming initially to Kent for the hop picking season.

    Thank you again for making your research public. It has been a great help. I don’t need to research my father’s side as I have the tree going back to Lord Horatio Nelson!

    Melissa Britten

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Melissa, Many thanks for your comments. From what you say about your branch of the family moving south, I assume your maternal grandfather was probably Frederick Crisp who married a Edith B Gilbey in the Battle registration district in 1929. I’s ironic that I used to live in Walthamstow from 1953-91, so there is a good chance I would have passed Agnes Kemp in the street at sometime without know who she was.


      Mick Gilbey

    • Lynneþe Martin Says:

      Hi mellissa
      Im a great grandaughter of porter gilbey and my grandad was jack gilbey my mum christine gilbey died in 1999 . I was just wondering if your nan lived in bexhill if so i visted her once in the 80s and have photos
      Yours lynnette

      • Melissa Britten Says:

        Hi Lynette, Sorry I’ve only just seen your post as my AOL account isn’t my main email address so I don’t check it that often. My grandmother did indeed live in Bexhill so, if we have made the right connection, I would love to see your photos. She was Edith Bertha Gilbey, married name Crisp. Her sister, Eva Maud, also lived in Bexhill and was my great aunt. We were all very close. I never knew anything about Jack other then I think he fought in WWI? The other siblings used to holiday in Bexhill so I knew most of them: Violet, Lily (really Alice), Reg, George and Marjorie (the youngest) are the ones I remember. I also have a vague childhood memory of Agnes (Aggie) from the 1960s. She was fearsome! I have one photo of her at a family wedding. I will check my emails again in a day or two to see whether you have received this message. So glad I stumbled across yours. 🙂

      • Lynnette Martin Says:

        I have photos of us visiting my great aunt ill dig them out but definatly sounds like we are related my grandad jack died in 1972 when my mum was pregnant with me . My mum christine died in 1999 so its lovely to find out things about grandad jack and relations .my mums brothers were alan and bob who have both died so have no actual gilbey family left .grandad jack moved to portsmouth when he met my nan gwendolin .my brother and i both still live there . Im so excited to have made a connection with you and over christmas ill hook out those photos and ones i have of agnes im sure theres a few .
        Merry christmas and please know this has made my day
        Lynnette martin

  56. Melissa Britten Says:

    Hi Mick – Yes, you are right about Frederick Crisp being my maternal grandfather, although we are not sure if this was his real name as it turns out he was a bigamist! He had married earlier under a different surname (Reeve or Reeves) and had a daughter in St Albans. My mother looked her up and went to visit her in the late 60s. So I don’t think I would have much luck tracing his family as he was obviously someone who deliberately covered his tracks! I must say I find all these coincidences and connections completely fascinating (not to mention the skeletons in the closet) and thank you for sparking my enthusiasm again.

    Best wishes


  57. David Says:

    Ambrose Gilbey & Ann Martin were married 30 September 1832 Great Sampford, Essex
    A son, Walter Gilbey married Polly Susan Edlin in the June Qtr of 1877 Linton RD. Polly’s birth surname was BYE she was the daughter of Marianne/Mary Ann Bye (born Linton, Cambridge in 1935). Marianne had four illegitimate children in St Marylebone, before marrying Henry Edlin 1859. From that date the two surviving daughters (Polly & Ellen) & one son (Henry) took the surname of EDLIN. By 1866 the children were orphans. In 1871 the girls were living with their widowed grandmother (Susan Bye) at the Swan Inn, Linton. Henry Edlin married Louisa Cowling in 1881, they had a son, Bertram. After Henry had died in early 1892, Louisa married William John Haggar at Kennington, Surrey on the 25th December 1892. Ellen Adeline Bye/Edlin (the sister of Polly & Henry) married in 1876 Albert James Jennings BOLTON of Catley Park, Linton, Cambridge. In the next 25 years they had ten children. In April 1911 the parents together with 4 of their children emigrated to Canada , to be near the families of their 5 surviving children who settled in Saskatchewan or British Columbia.
    I wonder if the family were aware that many of their “Suffolk” cousins had crossed the Atlantic a100 years before they set out on their trip? The pioneering branch settled in Bolton, Ontario, Canada, some of their line also ended in Saskatchewan!
    The Bolton families who emigrated between 1815 & 1840 could have taken up to 12 weeks to cross the Atlantic by sail whilst those in 1911 would have taken around a week, before taking the train west for another 4 or 5 days. hey ho!

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      David, Many thanks for that detailed information I always thought those early pioneers were very brave, heading off to a unknown future and not knowing what they would find there.

  58. Tom Spinali Says:

    Mick, I stumbled across your Gilbey family page, and noticed a James Gilbey with what looks like pink syrup spilled across the photo, so I took the challenge and “Photo – Shopped the picture. I’d like to send you my result and hope you like it, as I do not know how to attach the photo to this format. So if you could share your email address with me, I will send it your way. Sincerely Tom Spinali

  59. David Frederick Griggs Says:

    Have you come across Gilbey family from Birchanger? I have them back to a Samuel born c1770 married Mary c 1799. Mary died 1849 and they had 7 children.

  60. Mick's Muses Says:

    Hello David, I am certain I have come across this Samuel before but have not traced his line. At that time period, mid-late 1700’s there were two distinct groups of the Gilbey/Gilby family in Essex with odd ones dotted around. One group with which I am associated can be traced back to Finchingfield in the early 1700’s where the trail before that runs cold, (at the moment). The other main group were located in the Stanstead area. It is likely the two groups are linked probably in the south Suffolk area about the mid-late 1600’s, but no documentation has yet been located to link the two groups. As the surname is quite unique, this tends to reinforce this theory. To confuse the issue further is this was also the period of the English Civil War and its aftermath which tended to cause division in some families.
    Given the close proximity of Birchanger to the Stanstead area and the estimated birth date of this Samuel, it is probable he is linked to the Stanstead group of the Gilbey family.
    Later in time as families tended to spread out a bit more, elements of both family grouping can be found living in the same areas, places like Saffron Walden for instance. This mingling of the two family groups can sometimes cause confusion.

    Although I cannot add any further positive information on this particular Samuel, I trust that by indicating which of the two groups of the family tree he is likely to belong to will assist you in your research.

    • Tracy Ridley Says:

      I have just received some old photographs from my grand estate and there is a cutting from a newspaper about Richard Gilbey who went to help out with the harvest at Orford House in 1932 for 3 weeks and was still there 48 years later at the age of 72.
      My paternal grandfather was from London (Harry Thomas James Smith) but the rest of my family are all from the North East near to Consett (surnames Maughan & Bean)
      It has left me intrigued as to why my gran would keep this cutting

      Let me know if you would like me to scan it across to you

      Kind regards
      Tracy Ridley

      • Mick's Muses Says:

        Hello Tracy,
        I have several Richard Gilbey’s in my tree but from your description I assume it is the one born 1909 in Birchanger.

        That is quite a puzzle you have. It is uncertain at the moment which of the two main Essex groupings of the Gilbey/Gilby family this Richard Gilbey belong to. I do have information on some of his ancestors, but the trial runs cold with his grandfather. I keep this information like spare pieces of a jigsaw so his family can be linked to their correct place in the family tree if evidence becomes available. My best guess is due to his birth location, they are probably connected with the Stanstead group of the family.

        There is little relevant information on this Richard. Being born in 1909 he shows up as a two year old in the 1911 census and then again in the 1939 National Register. Here he is shown to be living in Saffron Walden and working as a Pigman on a unspecified farm.
        He married a Josephine M Younys in Docking in Norfolk a year earlier. As the two locations are a considerable distance apart, it is unclear how he met his wife.

        I can find no obvious connection between Richard Gilbey and your family and the only other possibility I can think of at the moment, is one of your grand parents had some sort of link with Orford House and kept an article they saw about is as a keepsake.

      • Stephen Godfrey Says:

        Hello Tracy – with regards to your Richard the person is registered under the name Richard George surname Gilbey in 1909. Can you contact me Tracy

  61. Stephen Godfrey Says:

    Births Sep 1883
    GILDER Selina Clara B. Stortford 3a 377

    2.4.1911 census
    William Gilbey Head Male 29 Birchanger, Essex
    Selima Clara Gilbey Wife Female 26 Birchanger, Essex
    Ellen Florence Susan Gilbey Daughter Female 5 Birchanger, Essex
    William John Gilbey Son Male 4 Birchanger, Essex
    Richard George Gilbey Son Male 2 Birchanger, Essex
    Frederick Walter Gilbey Son Male 0 Birchanger, Essex

    Marriages Sep 1905
    GILBEY William B. Stortford 3a 1235
    GILDER Selina Clara B. Stortford 3a 1235

    Births Mar 1906
    Gilbey Ellen Florence S B. Stortford 3a 732

    Births Jun 1907
    Gilbey William John Bishops Stortford 3a 776

    Births Mar 1909
    Gilbey Richard George B. Stortford 3a 729

    Births Dec 1910
    GILBEY Frederick W B. Stortford 3a 699

    Births Jun 1916
    Gilbey Queenie E Gilder B.Stortford 3a 1472
    Births Dec 1919
    Gilbey Eva V K Gilder B. Stortford 3a 141_

    • Andrea Mary Collins Says:

      Richard George Gilbey born 1909 in Birchanger was my grandfather.
      He met my grandmother when she worked in service at a large house nr what is now Stansted Airport. She was born in Brancaster and came to work nr Stansted. They were married in Brancaster nr Docking which is where my grandmother was from. This explains the distance in the two locations.
      Richard George Gilbey and Josephine May Young had one son, Allen William Richard Gilbey dob 21.3.1948 who in turn married and had 6 children. I am the eldest , Andrea.
      We are intrigued who Traceys grandmother that kept the cutting was. Could we find out?

  62. Lynnette Martin Says:

    Hi there
    I was wondering if in finchingfield there is a graveyard with any of the gilbeys there ive been thinking of taking a teip there and would love to be able to find my ancesters graves.
    Any help greatly recieved

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Lynette,
      I once spent a weekend in Finchingfield and neighbouring areas on such a quest. Unfortunately I only found one tombstone in the graveyard of the main church of St John the Baptist in Finchingfield. This was for Thomas Gilbey 1839-1926 and his wife Louisa Murch 1847-1921.Fortunately I did have a local historian accompanying me and he was able to advise that stone is not a natural resource in NW Essex. This meant stone for headstones had to be imported and this made it more expensive. As most of our early known ancestor came from low paid agricultural working backgrounds, this would have meant tombstones wold have been beyond the pocket of most families. The chances are they would have had wooden crosses, but as you will appreciate, these rarely stand the test of time. The local historian that I was with, did advise me that most families tended to be buried in the same area of a graveyard, so if you can find one, the chances are you are amidst the presence of other although unmarked. I did however find tombstones in the neighbouring villages of Great & Little Sampford and also Saffron Walden which I also visited.

      Another resource is inside the churches themselves where various members of the Gilbey/Gilbey family are mentioned on war memorial plaques.

      I don’t know if this link will work, but the picture I took of Thomas and Louisa Mrurch’s head stone on Ancestry I have placed at the bottom. If you have access to my Ancestry tree, then all the relevant pictures I took on that trip in 2006 are attached to the appropriate individuals.

      • Lynneþe Martin Says:

        Thank you for your reply
        Did you find headstones in little sampford ?
        My brother has a special birthday next year and would love to take him on a trip around finchingfield and little sampford . We are from portsmouth so would love to find out as much as i can.
        My ancestry account has now been cancelled but will happily resubscibè if you think your tree and photos you took on your trip would help . I would like to find headstones and if possable any houses still standing our ancesters lived in.
        I followed your link to headstone of thomas gilbey and will definatly try to find that as i think hes a great great great uncle
        Thanks again for the help

  63. David Frederick Griggs Says:

    I am looking for the parents and ancestors for Samuel Gilbey married to Mary who lived and had a family in Birchanger Essex during the early 1800’s. Mary died in 1849 and was living at Birchanger Green in 1841.Their daughter Eliza 1808-1878 was my 2nd Great Grandmother.

  64. Barry Gilbey Says:

    Mick Hi I hope I find you well. You have my father’s name in your descendants name listing, Victor James Gilbey, but I cannot see him in your decsendants list. His father Robert was born 1886 I believe. Any information you could give me on our link would be grateful

    • stephen Says:

      Marriages Mar 1913
      Gilbey Robert J Green Braintree 4a 1267
      Green Ada Gilbey Braintree 4a 1267

      GRO Reference: 1923 D Quarter in BRAINTREE Volume 04A Page 1394

      one of 9 children

      • Barry Gilbey Says:

        Thanks Stephen, Am I missing something on this site, as I could not find him on the ancesteral chart? Or are you charting the same information somewhere else?
        Many thanks for the info,
        Also Victor James Gilbey was one of 7 children. Bob, Chris, Fred, Geoff, Marjorie and Kath being the others, or did you mean Robert was one of 9?

      • Stephen Says:

        They are not connected to myself they are all shown on the register as follows: –
        Birth Sep 1913
        Gilbey Christopher Rudolph Green Braintree 4a 1681
        Death Sep 1969
        GILBEY Christopher Rudolph 21Je1913 Braintree 4a 882

        Birth Jun 1915
        Gilbey Robert Owen Green Braintree 4a 1593

        Birth Dec 1918
        Gilbey Frederick William Green Braintree 4a 1137

        Birth Jun 1920
        Gilbey Kathleen Florence Ella Green Braintree 4a 1827

        Birth Dec 1921
        Gilbey Marjorie Ada Green Braintree 4a 1474

        Birth Dec 1923
        Gilbey Victor James Green Braintree 4a 1394

        Birth Jun 1927
        Gilbey Geoffrey John Green Braintree 4a 1381

        Birth Jun 1938
        Gilbey David B J Green Romford 4a 938

        Birth Sep 1945
        Gilbey Valerie J V Green Romford 4a 724

        Marriages Jun 1939
        Gilbey Robert O Toman Braintree 4a 2724
        Toman Mary E N Gilbey Braintree 4a 2724
        Marriages Jun 1951
        CHAPMAN Leonard J GILBEY Braintree 4a 717
        GILBEY Kathleen F E CHAPMAN Braintree 4a 717
        Marriages Mar 1940
        Gilbey Marjorie A Pickman Braintree 4a 3333
        Pickman Sidney J Gilbey Braintree 4a 3333
        Marriages Jun 1953
        Gilbey Victor J Purkiss Braintree 4a 743
        PURKISS Sylvia D GILBEY Braintree 4a 743
        Marriages Mar 1965 (>99%)
        GILBEY David B J ROBINSON Bridge 5b 113
        Regards Stephen

  65. Dan Says:

    I found a letter in my house when I was remodeling my back pantry. It is a letter to private John Gilbie, from Ann Griffith, during world war2. It is a love letter that John must have read and put it in the wall. The location, is the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. Could This be a Gilbie that you all would be interested in? Please let me know.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Dan, Many thanks for your message. I am finding this one to be a bit of a puzzler. I have searched US Military records but can find no trace of a John Gilbie. There are certainly numbers of records of servicemen named Gilboe.

      I also search of US and international records for a marriage between these two but I have been unable to find any. It could well be that John Gilbie never survived the war, which could be another reason the letter was placed where you found it as a lasting memory.

  66. Charmaine Says:

    Hi Mick,
    My great grandfather or his father was the mayor in present trivandrum around 1932. Can I know his exact name and descendants. I think his name was Peter Gilby and his wife was a Dutch.

    • Mick's Muses Says:

      Hello Charmaine. Unfortunately I have no record of this person at all. I do keep small jigsaw type pieces of family trees that do not appear to fit in anywhere. This allows me to link them into the greater Gilbey family tree should I find a connection. Your great grandfather does not appear anywhere that I can identify. A search on Google reveals there is a restaurant named Gilbey’s in Trivandrum, but that is the only connection I can find.

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